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You want a luxury experience without a luxury price tag. We understand that and work with you to bring your dream to life in the most cost-effective way possible.



Imperium Builders, Ltd. provides construction services to the Southeastern Louisiana market.

Our focus is on using green, energy efficient cutting edge materials, such as Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) or Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), to make your construction project repay you through decades of lower energy bills as well as provide a healthy living and working environment, as recommended by the Federal Government’s Energy Star program.

We are equally skilled at using traditional materials and methods to give life to construction project concepts and have deep expertise in linking project planning with anticipated uses to maximize the benefits of your property.

Imperium Builders has more than twenty years experience in the southeastern Louisiana construction services market building custom homes, renovating after storm damage or modernizing a property and even light commercial projects, such as strip centers and stand-alone commercial properties.

Insulated Concrete Form

Whatever your tastes are... Imperium Builders are ready to make your dream a reality!



residential construction Louisiana

Your home is more than just a place to live. It is the background for your life. We understand that and want to help you to live the life you imagine in a home that fits your tastes, budget and lifestyle.

Imperium Builders’ residential construction services are focused on fully-custom construction, where we work closely with your architect and designers to understand your needs and evaluate your options, given your budget and style preferences.

We also offer customized off-the-shelf construction plans, where you modify one of our timeless southern Louisiana-inspired designs to match your lifestyle preferences and budget.

Our approach to residential construction is to listen, ask questions and really learn about your goals and vision for your home, then offer insights and recommendations that match your aspirations with construction realities.

Imperium Builders’ more than twelve years of experience in the southeastern Louisiana home building market using non-traditional and traditional building materials and methods means that we have a breadth of knowledge that few other local home builders possess.

We are also committed to bringing the best of residential construction technology to you in the form of green materials and methods. Built to proper energy efficiency standards, your home should provide 20% cost savings versus conventional construction techniques as well as be a healthier living environment for your family.

Check the video about our home built with Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) in Pelican’s Landing, Crown Point, Louisiana.

Contact us to learn about how Imperium Builders can help you build a home that is not only a place to live but a place that provides your family with superior comforts, such as energy efficiency, pollen, fire and wind resistance.

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Imperium Builders has been active in the light commercial construction space for more than a decade, with office and retail projects in Boutte and Houma, as well as a number of commercial office renovations and fit-outs for leased spaces. We are experts at:

State of the art technology

Just as in our residential construction projects, we are not afraid to utilize state of the art materials or construction methods to improve a building’s long-term performance along a range of dimensions, such as energy efficiency, sound-proofing, pollen protection and fire / wind resistance.

Tailored to your business’s needs

We also understand that commercial buildings are integral parts of a company’s success. Whether the building will be owner-occupied or rented, it needs to be cost-effective, attractive, functional and flexible. We can help you to identify the commercial construction options open to you.

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Imperium Builders is a New Orleans based family business, locally owned and operated company for more than a decade. We created the company to try new and unconventional approaches to homebuilding that New Orleans area home builders were ignoring, such as green building using Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) and Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). We are happy to say that in many cases we have been among the first New Orleans area homebuilders to incorporate cutting edge materials and technologies into our homes (such as a proto-home automation center, IBM’s Home Director, way back in 1998).

Incidentally, our name, Imperium Builders, comes from our use of concrete as a home building material. As we were using concrete as a means to save energy and reduce both pollen and external noise intrusion, we became aware of how we were carrying on a very old building tradition that began with the Romans. Our name pays tribute to the world-changing application of the humble mix of water, sand, aggregate and cement to building the Roman Empire that we still marvel at today.

Rome’s imperium was the area over which it ruled, literally supported by Rome’s use of concrete as a construction material — a first in the ancient world. Our name honors their efforts to create beautiful buildings that are clean, green and build to last. If you think we put a lot of thought into our name, just wait until you see what we can do with your home plans.

Our experience working with traditional and unconventional materials has given us a broad base of experiences that we will be happy to share with you as you define the place that you and your family will call home for many years to come. Let us share those experiences with you. Contact us today to discuss how we can turn your vision for a custom home into reality, using green, environmentally-friendly and state of the art construction materials and methods.